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2014 Milley Award recipients
2014 Milley Award recipient Scott Mathews
 Scott Mathews
2014 Milley Award recipient Joyce Maynard
 Joyce Maynard
2014 Milley Award recipient Christopher Raker
 Christopher Raker
2014 Milley Award recipient Mort Sahl
 Mort Sahl
2014 Milley Award recipient Murphy Productions
 Murphy Productions

2014 Sali Lieberman Award recipient
2014 Sali Lieberman Award recipient Gage Schubert
 Gage Schubert
2014 Vera Schultz Award recipient
2014 Vera Schultz Award recipient O'Hanlon Center for the Arts
O'Hanlon Center for the Arts
2014 Milley Awards Presentation

The Milley Awards Board of Directors, in association with the City of Mill Valley Arts Commission, was pleased to honor the recipients of the 20th Annual Milley Awards for Creative Achievement on October 19 2014, starting with a reception at 5:00 PM at the Mill Valley Community Center.
  • Scott Mathews - music producer, composer, performer and entrepreneur (Musical Arts)
  • Joyce Maynard - author of seven novels and four non-fiction books, plus columns, articles and essays. (Literary Arts)
  • Christopher Raker - architect who has designed some of the most tasteful exteriors and interiors that are presently seen in the community (Visual Arts)
  • Mort Sahl - crowned by Time Magazine in 1960 as leader of the new breed of modern comedians, he was the first entertainer ever to appear on the magazine’s cover. (Performing Arts)
  • Murphy Productions - producers Erma Murphy and Daniel Patrick have built countless local venues for music and created a strong and community of people who support and love the arts. (Contributions to the Arts Community)
  • Gage Schubert - who has provided the inspiration and support that have made it possible for a variety of diverse activities including art, schools, environment, theatre, and community organizations, to flourish and survive (Sali Lieberman Award)
  • O'Hanlon Center for the Arts - this Mill Valley arts organization, founded in 1969, offers workshops, performances, classes, discussions and events for people of all ages who desire to express themselves creatively or who simply love the arts. (Vera Schultz Award)

The Judges for 2014 were community activist Sylvia Newsom, musician and night club owner John Korty, musical theater and opera director Heather Mathews, poet and printmaker Richard Cruwys Brown, and artist and former Milley Awardee Kett Zegart.

Produced by a volunteer board of directors, under the auspices of the Mill Valley Arts Commission, the annual Milley Awards is a star-studded event that usually sells out. The Milley is a bronze statue sculpted by John Libberton of Sausalito.

The Milleys are sponsored by the Mill Valley Arts Commission and produced by the Milley Awards Board of Directors, a volunteer community group. Nominations are open throughout the year and judges change annually. The award honors those who, through their accomplishments in the arts, have brought honor to the Mill Valley community. They have done this through their talents and actions in the state, national or international arenas.

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